Family, Community & Commitment

Michelle’s Priorities

An Economy that works for all Virginians

As a small business owner, Michelle understands how the post-pandemic job market and economy are impacting our ability not just to earn a living, but to make ends meet. As a working mother, Michelle also understands the need to prioritize affordability and access to quality childcare, especially our families with limited financial resources.

As Delegate, Michelle will fight for paid family medical leave and paid sick leave for all Virginians, champion workers’ rights, LGBTQ+ and immigrants rights, opportunities for small businesses, a living wage, and workforce training as ways to generate job growth now and as we transition to a greener, more competitive, equitable and diverse economy to give all working families and businesses a chance to prosper in Virginia.  

Taking bold action on infrastructure to build our future

Our infrastructure is aging, inefficient, and insufficient. As the population in Northern Virginia grows, our transportation and infrastructure must improve in a balanced way that promotes efficient and affordable transportation options.

Among our current infrastructure enhancement opportunities is The Virginia Railway Express. VRE is an important community transportation tool for residents  of the 50th District that can be further maximized. Through schedule extension and other innovative measures, resident commuters and families will be able to travel throughout the region more easily. Michelle is committed to making bold investments in our infrastructure including rail extension, maintenance and upgrades, energy efficient vehicles along with increased charging stations, road repairs, traffic flow improvements, and green design alternatives that improve the quality of life for everyone.  

Affordable healthcare accessible to all communities

Affordable and accessible healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Michelle knows that the health and wellbeing of each individual is critical for a strong family, community, and Commonwealth. As Delegate, Michelle will work for her constituents to ensure healthcare is both accessible and affordable, protect women’s reproductive rights, and create a sustainable recovery from COVID-19 – which has disproportionately impacted women, people of color and lower-income families.

Michelle will work hard to bridge the healthcare gap by ensuring needed services are in place, and will support the safe re-openings of schools and businesses in a way that is supported by science and upholds the safety of our community.

Education that reaches every child and supports every teacher

Michelle believes that every child in Virginia deserves access to high quality public education, and that further investment in education is the key to a competitive future and security of our community, region and Commonwealth. By prioritizing education, Virginia will attract and retain a diverse workforce allowing families to thrive.

As Delegate, Michelle will work with local officials and education leaders as well as her colleagues in the General Assembly to advocate for common sense solutions to problems facing our schools – like ventilation in all school buildings, higher pay and collective bargaining rights for teachers, Universal Pre-K, and free community college for Virginians, helping to minimize education debt and increase access for all.

Affordable Housing for all Virginians

Affordable housing is a serious problem across Virginia. Currently, localities across the commonwealth are using a variety of policies to try to address this problem. Michelle believes our state government has the responsibility to help localities address this growing problem. While land use and development decisions typically are made at the local level, there are proactive things that the state can do to encourage affordable housing options including requirements for affordable housing in state-funded infrastructure projects.

Currently, localities across Virginia are struggling to find the right approach our affordable housing crisis. One approach being used is to offer offset credits via the Virginia tax code. Another approach being used by several northern Virginia counties is to offer affordable housing financing and zoning incentives for developers. Whether it’s these or other programs, we need to finally have a cohesive strategy to guarantee our affordable housing supply increases year over year. As Delegate, Michelle will work hard to ensure that all people of Virginia — from working families to seniors on fixed incomes — have safe and secure home rentals and home ownership.

Criminal Justice Reform and Partnering with the First Responder Community

Too many Virginians are trapped in a cycle of poverty, criminality, and incarceration. Now is the time for us to come together to reform our criminal justice system and end unfair sentencing and other circumstances that rob too many of our citizens of the chance to become good neighbors and community leaders.

Michelle will work with our law enforcement, educators, mental health professionals, and community leaders to address these systemic issues. Specifically, she will provide continued support to grow the co-responder programs in the City of Manassas and Prince William County that partner mental health clinicians with law enforcement officers to respond to emergency calls which may be mental health- and substance abuse-related. Michelle is committed to accountability and reform as she will work to augment, not defund, important community bridge-building programs with our law enforcement and other members of our first responder and front-line communities. She will help ensure responsible gun ownership, end private prisons and mandatory minimums for non-violent felony crimes, and address school-to-prison pipeline issues as well help create mechanisms that inhibit local municipalities from hiring or continuing to employ law enforcement professionals who have a history of civil rights violations.

Protecting our environment for our future and a green economy

Virginia is a forward-thinking community. We know that by protecting our environment, we are investing in our future. Whether we are cleaning our streets and highways, converting to electric vehicles, creating more bicycle lanes, utilizing recycled materials in innovative designs, or promoting alternative energy sources, we all need to do our part to help address today’s climate change and environmental crises. Michelle will continue building off of the Virginia Clean Economy Act and explore new and creative ways to enable green mobility options and methods to decrease our carbon footprint along with smart local land development and use while also addressing environmental justice issues in our Commonwealth. 

Promoting Good Government

As Virginians, we pride ourselves on good government. What we have always regarded as prudently limited good government has failed to keep pace with the demands of a modern, growing Commonwealth. A byproduct of our state’s growth and economic success has been the influx of money in our campaign finance system.

Currently, there are no caps and only a U.S. citizenship requirement for campaign contributions. This has allowed money to flow into the system — even from individuals and corporations who have business before the General Assembly.  Michelle supports common-sense good government reforms including reasonable campaign contribution limits, streamlined ballot access laws, closing loopholes to ensure constituents receive the services they deserve, and conflict of interest disqualifications to ensure that special interests don’t obscure the will of the people of Virginia.